Thursday, January 26, 2012


I have been very busy lately, but I recently came across something very interesting. I found a great new video online of David Segal discussing the state of legal education and the realities that many law school graduates face. David wrote the New York Times article "Is Law School a Losing Game?" and here he discusses the current state of legal education. Watch the video below or you can also see it on Youtube.

-The Poor Paralegal


  1. Thank you for posting this video, Poor Paralegal!

    I agree with Segal's analysis that not much will come from those congressional letters to the ABA. In the end, we need to continue to inform and educate the consumers. I hope everything is well with you.

  2. But the entry-level salary is around $42,700. Those who have acquired further knowledge and skill in the field are usually paid higher. Paralegals who are backed up with at least 8 years of working experience earn an average of $66,576 in a year. Educational attainment is another determinant of a paralegal’s earnings.

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