Friday, April 12, 2013

Yes, I am still here....

It has been one year since  I last posted and  a lot of changes have occured in my life! I am still working and trying to hustle may way through the corporate world. I will update with some new posts very shortly!

Thank you everyone for all your kind e mails, letters and requests for me to post most insightful tips on how to save money, cut debt and money matters.

-The Poor Paralegal



  1. Don't tell us that you now work for a university or law school. JK.

  2. Hi I just came across your lovely blog. I am about to graduate from Duke's paralegal program though I eventually want to also go to law school. I look forward to catching up and your updates!

  3. Dear Anonymous -

    Do yourself a HUGE FAVOR and do not go to law school. BAD IDEA!

  4. Good to see you there ... :-)

  5. Those who are working in New York have an average annual pay of $57,910 while the ones located in sunny California earn $56,400. Alaska also pays its paralegals relatively well. The rate in this area is around $53,830 each year. Click here

  6. As a newbie to the paralegal field, your website has been a great source of information for me. Thank you.

  7. To AnonymousMay 3, 2013 at 2:11 PM: Why the hell would you pay money to get a degree in paralegal from Duke of all places? You do not have to go to school to be a paralegal. That could not have been cheap. How much did you pay for that degree from Duke? Jeesh!

    Then, to compound your expensive mistake, you plan to go to law scam and get a JD which will make you not only unemployable as an attorney, but will negate what little value your paralegal degree has and render you unemployable as a paralegal when you give up on being an attorney.

    Did you think that having back to back degrees in paralegal and law scam would make you some sort of super paralegal or super lawyer? If so then you were wrong. Those two degrees will cancel each other out leaving you with mountains of debt and poor income prospects.

    You know that firms don't hire paralegals who have JD's don't you?

    This is some really bizarre shit.

    Heed the words of the Great Lawland Prophet, The Infamous John Bungsolaphagus!

    God bless!

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  9. Any recent posts to this blog? I am new and saw some interesting articles!! Thank you.

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